Baby Room

3 months to 2 years

We work with a 1:3 ratio, with a maximum of 9 babies at any one time, giving a very intimate level of care to you and your baby to best support their development and well being.  We have a separate, serene sleep room and a large enclosed outdoor baby garden with real grass for your children to explore freely throughout the day. Where possible (weather dependant) we leave the doors open for free flow inside and out. 

Our babies also access our private forest regularly to become familiar with our Forest School environment, play areas on-site and the petting area and lakes.

We let our children get messy and explore their environment and resources which are tailored towards their indivual needs as well as supporting singing with babies, incidentally and planned sessions.

In the baby room we ensure we have skilled practitioners to ensure we are able to impact positively on the youngest of children to ensure we are setting string pathways of development for the rest of their lives. We encourage emotional connectedness and affective encounters, as well as examining the place of motions in infant pedagogy. We recognise the importance of adult-babies interested care, but we also recognise the importance of practitioner stillness allowing our children to explore on their own without adult intervention as well as allowing relatively quiet lulling time. 

Oral hygiene is practised with our babies where they brush their teeth once at least once a day and are encouraged to use a cup without lids from when they first join us even if this is at 4 months.  We also explore baby yoga and baby massage as part of our continual efforts in supporting our children’s wellbeing.


Room Leader

Gemma B



Assistant Practitioner


Assistant Practitioner