Our Approach to Learning

Evidence shows that higher quality provisions have greater developmental benefits for children, particularly for the most disadvantaged children.

We work to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), which is mandatory statutory guidance in England. The EYFS sets the standards that all early years providers must meet to ensure that children under 5 years learn and develop well and are kept healthy and safe. Your child’s development is shared with you daily on our web application in your family hub so you are always up to date and can work with us to support your child’s development.

Our aim is to ensure that the children in our care are able to learn and develop at their own pace, through high-quality play learning experiences, with the support from our wonderful team of practitioners. We operate a child-led learning model, which in the early years allows children to thrive whilst making accelerated progress.  We incorporate the long-term approach of Riggio Emilia, a  theory comes out of practice, rather than practice being determined by a fixed educational theory. Every child is viewed as a strong, confident and competent child. We pay careful attention, listen to your child and take their ideas seriously and we are willing to learn alongside the children in our care. We also explore the Montessori approach to learning as we believe the child to be the agent in affecting social change on this planet, and their learning should be a holistic experience using practical life experiences where possible.

We will plan the starting point for your child to explore and provide open-ended resources which encourage children to develop their own thinking and to learn from one another. We aim to keep your child at a high level of engagement frequently. Furthermore, we will ensure we embed access to the 16 play types where possible in our settings, as well as staff who recognising schemas, individuality, and ensuring age integration. Our smaller group sizes will help the children to listen to each other’s points of view and to respect the feelings of others.

We encourage strong links with our parents and carers, welcoming their feedback and views on a regular basis at meetings,  daily life in the setting and via your family hub.  The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child respects the rights and responsibilities of parents and carers to provide guidance and direction to their child as they grow up (Article 5). It also recognises that some parents may need support and help to do this (Article 18). Researchers and early years workers recognise that the earliest years are some of the most important developmental periods in a child’s life. Fathers and mothers who engage with their child’s development from birth have a direct positive link to a child’s future economic wellbeing, health, educational attainment and relationships during adulthood. By forging a true partnership with parents we can have a major impact on children’s outcomes while they are in our care that lasts beyond their time in our setting.

Our setting aims to be a place your children look forward to attending and a place you, as a parent, feel fully confident and assured when leaving your most precious possession in our care.

We offer a  fresh, clean, vibrant, and tranquil ambience. A visit to our setting is essential to truly experience what care and play learning we are offering.

Our Rooms

We currently have three rooms:

Baby room 

6 weeks to 18 months

Our baby room is highly sensory and nurture focused. We work with a 1:3 ratio, with a maximum of 8 babies at any one time, giving a very intimate level of care to you and your baby to best support their development and mental well being.  We have a separate, serene sleep room and a large enclosed outdoor baby garden with real grass for your children to explore freely.

Our babies also access our privet forest regularly to become familiar with our Forest School environment.


Toddler Room

18 months to 3 years

Evidence also shows that high-quality provisions at the age of two bring benefits to children’s development and therefore accept a number of 2 year old funded places.

Our toddler room is designed to enhance our toddler’s independence and to explore the world around them in a greater context. They will be given more opportunities to access responsibilities whilst maintaining a close nurturing and sensory experience, with both indoor and outdoor play freely accessible throughout the day. Within this room, we work with a 1:4/1:3 ratio, with a maximum of 12 children in this room.

Toddlers currently have two forest school sessions each week in the morning. These are currently delivered on a Monday and Thursday.



3 to 5 years

Our preschool room is designed to keep supporting our children to be calm, confident and independent children through free, indoor and outdoor learning each day. Our Preschool practitioners will now start preparing children for their huge step into the academic system known as school. However, we do not allow this to stop children from being children and we most definitely do not reduce their access to quality free play learning opportunities. Studies have proven that children who remain in a play based for longer become more confident adolescents and have greater academic outcomes.  children learn best through play and aim to enhance their life skills and level of responsibilities, whilst introducing them to the model of a classroom, and we must stress, we are only introducing them to this system to ensure it is not an unfamiliar experience once they move onto school.

Our Preschoolers currently have two forest school sessions each week in the morning. These are currently delivered on a Tuesday and Friday.


Our practitioners have relevant qualifications and training to ensure your children are safe, well cared for and able to meet their developmental milestones and beyond. More information about our practitioners can be found by clicking here.


Next Steps:

We will only move children on to their next stage (room) when we identify they are ready and able to cope. This is individual to each child’s need and will be determined by our practitioners and management in partnership with parents.

We strongly believe that children learn from their peers as well as understanding the importance of a change of surroundings, therefore, we ensure we regularly integrate our children during their play learning experiences with other rooms. This also allows siblings to integrate during their nursery day.

Risk Benefits:

Research shows that children learn and develop to their best potential when they are able to access challenges and explore risks. We aim to enhance these areas of your children learning by carrying our in-depth risk assessments, as well as risk-benefit assessments. Our staff will regularly review our setting and resources,  and well as your child’s potential to ensure we are able to safeguard and to allow the children to access the very best opportunities.

Assessing Our Quality:

Within our setting, we are constantly evaluating our practice alongside our strategies, the government framework, and your child and family’s individual needs and feedback. We are also introducing a new cohort tracking system which will allow us to track your children’s development progress as well as identifying areas our practitioners may require further support and training in.

We will consult with our children, staff, and parents on a very regular basis and this evaluation will be reviewed and acted on within a reasonable time and not ignored.

Ofsted is the sole arbiter of quality in the early years and will be inspecting us within the first 30 months of launching. This is to allow us the time to establish the setting and routines as well as to gather substantial evidence that can be discussed on inspection.

The local authority, in our case Central Bedfordshire Council has a legal duty to provide information and training on meeting the requirements of the EYFS, meeting the needs of children with SEND, and on effective safeguarding for providers who we work closely with children on a regular basis.

We provide breathable, light soft fabric waterproofs for all children over 1 year. They are 100% waterproof, to keep children dry. You are expected to dress your children in layers according to the weather to prevent any limitations to their play. ‘Play Clothes, NOT, Best Clothes’. 

All of our children will have opportunities for plenty or rest and naps throughout their day with us as it is just as vital to a child’s development to be able to rest as well as it is for them to play.