Our Approach to Learning


Our practitioners are put through a thorough recruitment process prior to starting to care for your children and an in-depth induction programme.

They have relevant qualifications and training to ensure your children are safe, well cared for and able to help achieve their developmental milestones.

As a company, we try to provide a working environment that positively supports our practitioners’ wellbeing so that they can offer their best performance at all times.

Next Steps

Children will be supported to reach their full potential and always challenged to achieve their next steps when they are ready and able to cope. This is individual to each child’s need and will be determined by our practitioners and management, in partnership with parents.

It is evident that children learn from their peers and we understand the importance of a change of surroundings, therefore, we ensure we regularly integrate our children with other rooms both in the nursery and forest.  This also allows siblings to integrate during their nursery day also. 

In Summer 2022 after careful consideration and consultation, we are now trialling a room merge of our toddlers and preschoolers.

Risk Benefits

Research shows that children learn and develop to their best potential when they are able to access challenges and explore risks.

We aim to enhance areas of your child’s learning by conducting regular risk assessments, as well as risk-benefit assessments with the children’s involvement where possible. 

Our staff will regularly review our setting and the continuous provision against your child’s individual needs.

Assessing Our Quality

Within our setting, we evaluate our practice alongside our strategies, the government framework, and your child and family’s individual needs and feedback.

We monitor our children’s development and staff performance through a cohort tracking system each term.

We will consult with our children, staff, and parents on a very regular basis and evaluations will be reviewed and acted on within a reasonable time.

Ofsted is the sole arbiter of quality in the early years and has graded us as a Good setting in our first inspection.

We work in close partnership with our local authority, Central Bedfordshire Council who have a legal duty to provide information and training on meeting the requirements of the EYFS, meeting the needs of children with SEND, and on effective safeguarding for providers who we work closely with children on a regular basis.

British Sign Language (BSL)

During the early years, your child will embark and learn lots of amazing skills. One of the biggest areas is the skill of communication.

The use of sign language has risen greatly within nursery settings in recent years due to the benefits of supporting and encouraging communication in babies and children. Creating an inclusive environment provides the child and the practitioners a fun way to learn together thus enhancing their understanding, learning, memory and expressive skills.

Teaching our children BSL right from their earliest days helps eliminate some of the frustrations you can often see in toddlers.

We work in close partnership with Jules from The Signing Company who attends the setting a couple of times a week to support our children and practitioners.

In the moment planning

We work alongside a model known as In The Moment Planning. This approach differs from many typical nursery settings, where activities are pre-planning to meet the needs of children. Within our setting, we use the children’s existing interests to extend and develop their learning.

Each child will be developing different milestones, therefore, In The Moment Planning provides a uniquely tailored approach to their development. The children are learning every minute of every day, which we can enhance and utilise, to best meet the needs of the children. Whether your little one shows particular interest in dinosaurs, fairies or vehicles, our knowledgeable practitioners direct their learning in line with their existing and child-led play.

This is also beneficial for developing and maintaining strong partnership links between the setting and parents. We ask for frequent updates regarding your child’s experiences at home and incorporate these within the setting, to maintain consistent learning and development. This supports the children in developing schemas and making links between the world around them. In The Moment Planning focuses on the child’s needs and interests, and ultimately develops a unique learning journey for all, to enhance your child as an individual.

A Combined approach to natural play and technology integration for our ‘Gen Alpha’
A Combined approach to natural play and technology integration for our ‘Gen Alpha’
A Combined approach to natural play and technology integration for our ‘Gen Alpha’

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