Training & Development

Since the start of term both Gemma and Natalie have been busy ensuring the oosc and nursery are both running smoothly and meeting high standards.

Including the day to day running of the clubs there has been a huge amount of background work taking place that you and your family will soon be reaping the benefits.

To uphold our quality and standards the ladies have been on a number of conferences and expos in September.

NDNA Annual Safeguarding Briefing in Chelmsford.

Hertfordshire County Council, Female Genital Mutilation Pathway briefing in Hertford.

Childcare Expo in Coventry

As well as these events our playworkers have also been updating their Health & Safety training, Food Hygiene and Early years Training.

Fire Warden training – Gemma & Natalie

Up and coming training:

Advanced Safeguarding – Gemma & Natalie in Bristol

Forest School Training – Gemma

Motivating boys – Gemma, Kalpna and Sam

Nutritional Awareness – Gemma