Annual Fees Review

Dear All,


It is that time of year again where we review our budgets in line with national inflation rates. You will be aware that there has been a significant increase in daily living costs for some time and we as a company have tried not to pass on to our families but to also maintain the quality of our delivery until it really is necessary to implement an increase.

We have now started to notice an impact from the implementation of workplace pensions, national living wage and minimum wage increases and general inflation in groceries and the rapid decline in the quality of the toys and equipment on the market. It is therefore now time to implement some small increases and changes to ensure we remain sustainable and maintain a high-quality service.

As always, we have tried to keep any changes as minimal as possible and we are sure you will see great improvements in both how the club operates for both you and your children starting from February 2018.

Changes For All:

Our annual registration fee for families will increase to £10 per family, per year.

Changes for After School Club:

Our first-hour rate will increase from £5 to £6.

This applies to the extra hour at the end of term 2.15 – 3.15 and the daily first-hourly rate 3.15-4.15. This will include a sibling discount of £0.50 per session.

Changes for Holiday Club:

We have noticed a change in how the club is now being used and have therefore designed a new structure that we feel is clearer and more versatile as well as a slight increase in cost to reflect inflation.

We have had to make a very slight increase in our rates, but we have kept this to the very minimal.

Early bird 7:15 – 8:00 am £5 (breakfast inc)

Morning 8:00 – 12:30 £18 (snack inc)

Lunch bunch 12:30 – 13:30 £5 (lunch inc)

Afternoon 13:45 – 6:15 £18 (snack inc)

Full day 7.15am- 6.15pm, £30 including breakfast, snacks and lunch. That’s as little as £2.73 per hour. 

Sibling rates: Minus £1 each session. Or £28 for a full day.

All changes will commence in February 2018.

Positive improvements:

With the launch of our new setting in Henlow, we will be expanding our skill sector and incorporating more elements of Forest School activities and outdoor learning with the children.

Still focusing heavily on the play opportunities we provide to all of our children in all age ranges, we have now started to build our own resources rather than purchasing them to cut costs and improve quality and their life expectancy.

You will soon see the benefits of our new innovative registration and booking system which is launching in February 2018. This system will make your bookings, invoicing and receipting far more efficient, effective and accessible, providing you with access to your own family account online. You will also see an increase in our Safeguarding on bookings, collections and drop-offs. You will also have your own daily logs where you can keep up to date with your child’s development and activities as well as keeping up a rapport with your child’s playworkers at the tap of an app.  We can not wait to share this facility with you to ensure we save you time and give you confidence in your child’s development and well-being whilst in our care.  All of these up and coming changes have been in the waiting for some time to ensure we all have more time to spend focusing on the children and to enable us to provide a higher quality of play provision.

We are grateful for your support and understanding and look forward to sustaining many more years of delivering high-quality play opportunities for your children to flurish within.