After School Club

Our after school club is open Monday to Friday from the end of the school day until 6.15pm. All Ashtree nursery & school pupils are welcome to join us and places are still available.

We are based in the junior dining hall and have access to the junior hall and outdoor space. Our team have a wide range of activities planned for this term such as sports, group games (dodgeball, rounder’s, parachute and many more). We offer a large range of arts & crafts both focused and free play. We will be introducing a new PS3 to the club and have movie time on the colder autumn evenings.  Light snack will be provided at the start of each session and prepared by our children.

For more information, photos can be seen at Facebook SPLATLtd or contact our team.

Our registration and bookings can be placed online in a few minutes for your convenience. To book a viewing please contact Natalie on 07514188258. All viewings will be held after 3.30pm.

Come and visit us now!

No Currently After School Clubs in Operation

If you would like us to establish an after school club in your school or local area please contact management below: