Health & Nutrition

We understand the pressures of life and time constraints on working families. You can rest assured, that whilst your children are in our care we will be providing them with the best nutritional to benefits to aid their growth and well-being in the very important early years. 

We will provide opportunities for your children to learn about where food comes from on our allotment, by them joining in and preparing snacks and cooking sessions, and teaching them life skills such as etiquette at the dinner table, self-serving, and managing portion sizes. We will also be teaching children how to live a life of recycling and cooking on a campfire. 

All of our meat is purchased from a local butcher in Clifton that has been established since 1939 and prides themselves on the quality of meat they supply. All of the meat is English and tracible back to the farms brought from. It is cut down in the butchers  from whole carcases and not prepacked. Most of the meat is purchased from a local farm in Langford, but not all.  All of the meat is  outdoor reared and not mass produced in confined spaces like supermarkets tend to do. 

We are currently undertaking an accreditation designed by the government in Early Years Nutrition (EYN) to ensure we are offering the very best, well balanced diets for your little ones to thrive. 

We also provide baby milk of your choice including breast milk that you supply, and prepare foods for your baby once they start to wean in your chosen method, inline with our menu. 

We design all our own menus with our children’s feedback and offer a Spring/Summer and Autumn/ Winter menu with diverse options to tickle them taste bubs. We aim to ensure your child is exposed to a wide selection of foods, helping to develop their palette and appreciate a broad range of textures, tastes and smells.

We provide a well-balanced diet to ensure your children get the right levels of nutrition required for their age and levels of engagement.

We also include herbs and spices for example cloves and cardamom which act as natural antiseptics to help boost the children’s immune systems, which i so vital in a nursery, especially post COVID.

We provide water and milk throughout the day for your children which ensures they are receiving enough Calcium in their diets for strong and healthy bones as well as staying hydrated. 

Your children will obtain their recommended ‘5 a day’ with us on full day bookings and we celebrate cultural festivals through our food, as well as celebrating your child’s birthdays with a mini party and a cake.

Our practitioners are all training in Level 2 Food Hygiene and Nutrition, and to ensure we are  meeting Natasha’s Law, we train all practioners in Allergy awareness during their induction process.

We will also ensure our children obtain their recommended ‘5 a day’.

We will celebrate cultural festivals through our food, as well as celebrating your child’s birthdays with a mini party and a cake.

Our practitioners are all training to Level 2 Food Hygiene, Allergy aware and Nutrition.

Special Dietary Needs

Our partnership with parents will ensure that the medical, cultural, and dietary needs of children are met. We can cater to a wide range of special requirements with advanced notice and within our financial guidelines.

Oral Hygiene

As part of our commitment to high quality care, we ensure that at least once a day we practice good oral hygiene with the children. By brushing their teeth and educating them on the importance of doing so.