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The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989 respects the rights and responsibilities of parents and carers to provide guidance and direction to their child as they grow up (Article 5). It also recognises that some parents may need support and help to do this (Article 18). 

Researchers and early years workers recognise that the early years are some of the most important developmental periods in a child’s life. Fathers and mothers who engage with their child’s development from birth have a direct positive link to a child’s future economic wellbeing, health, educational attainment and relationships during adulthood. 

By forging a true partnership with parents we can have a major impact on children’s outcomes while they are in our care that lasts beyond their time in our setting.

We offer quilty handovers each day, 24 hour access to our text messaging service on your family hub and an open door policy to our management. We have a parents day every term where we discuss your childs development and open days where we invite our parents in for events, such as workshops, training and more. 

We know that leaving your child to go to work can be a difficult  transition for the parent and we aim to make life as easy as possible for you when you reach this time for your family. 

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