BOOK NOW – Day Nursery

To register your family you will need to pay your annual registration fee of £50. Once you have paid this you will have full access to your family hub.

In your family hub, you will be required to register your children’s personal information and photos, as well as your collector’s contact information,  passwords and photos. This is where you will be able to keep all of your information up to date should anything change throughout your child’s time with us.

Once you have added all of your families information you will then progress onto placing your booking. All bookings should be made on an ongoing basis to ensure your place is secured and continues rolling. Should you require an additional day/session during the term, these slots will be released once the term has commenced, but cannot be guaranteed to be available. These ad-hoc booking should be placed as a one-off booking and will be invoiced separately. You cannot use your funded hours for ad-hoc bookings.

Ongoing bookings require six weeks notice to be given to terminate your contract and no refunds will be given.

Once you have placed your booking, the hub will generate your invoices. The invoices are broken down into equal monthly payments are due to be paid in advance of each month on the date stated on your invoice. If you are paying via our website the fee will automatically be credited to your account. If you are paying via government funding, childcare vouchers or bank transfer, we will search for your payments once a week and credit your account once these are found. We ask that you let us know your method of payment in an email and that you use the reference given on your payment page.

You will only incur late fees if your payment has not been paid on time, not when we credit it to your account. Payments are due on the last day of each month prior to the month the session is booked within.

Further into your hub once your child has started to attend you will be able to access your child’s class diary. The class diary is where your child’s practitioners will record general information about the day in the classroom, and any information from management. You will then also be able to access your child’s notes which will give you live updates if you log in on what they have eaten, nappy changes, sleep and so on. Finally, you will be able to access your child’s learning progress. This is where your child’s key worker and practitioners will be tracking your child’s development against the governments recommended milestones.

In spring 2019 there will be further updates released to improve on this service we offer.

PLEASE NOTE: All existing parents/guardians will need to register the first time they use our new booking system. You will only need one login account per family.